Stone Spotlight: Golden Typhoon

The primary colors you’ll find in Typhoon Gold Granite are brown, gold, and gray. The base of the stone is off-white with a formation of rusty gold throughout as well as veins of brown. Some areas have a slightly pink or green tint across the visibly rocky texture. All the different colors serve to create the noticeable pattern that is original to every slab, so your stone is sure to look entirely unique!

This type of granite looks great in a kitchen. The varied colors and patterns are sure to impress anyone who catches sight of his golden veins and gleam. As you can see, the picture already looks beautiful. After it has been polished, it will only be that much more gorgeous as the shine will enhance the natural colors in the stone.

Aside from kitchen counter tops, this type of granite also looks excellent as a fireplace, floor, or for use when remodeling your bathroom. Stone that this originates in Brazil and can frequently be called Giallo Typhoon or Typhoon Bordeaux. Contact Planet Granite today if you think this stone is that something that’s missing from your home!

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