Prevent and Treat Heat Damage to Your Granite Countertop

granite countertop

Granite countertop installed by Planet Granite

Granite comes from magma, which means that it’s naturally heat resistant. However, this does not mean that your granite countertops cannot be damaged by heat. The following are a few tips that you should follow in order to prevent heat damage to your granite countertops, and how to repair any damage done by heat.

There’s a temptation to set hot pots or pans onto the granite countertops, because of the knowledge that granite is so durable. However, doing so can lead to black marks and gashes on the granite over time. Always use something beneath the pots and pans, such as a cutting board, or simply wait a few minutes for them to cool down before putting them on your counter.

If your granite countertop has been damaged by heat, then you can usually treat it. Any stains as a result of heat damage can be removed using restoring liquids or pastes. Burn marks should wipe away with the use of specialized solutions and cleaning creams. If the marks do not come off, the manufacturer of the countertop should be notified.

For more information about caring for granite countertops, be sure to visit us online at Planet Granite.

image via Planet Granite

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