Three Reasons to Switch to Granite Countertops Today

Reasons to switch to granite

Interior designers have known the benefits of granite counters for years, and homeowners were quick to utilize this versatile, durable material for their kitchens and baths. Natural granite is hard enough to be scratch- and stain-resistant. Traditional Kitchen by Upper Marlboro Kitchen & Bath Designers Granite Grannies via Houzz If you’re … [Read more...]

Three of the Top Benefits of Getting Granite Countertops

benefits of granite

Granite counters are a great addition to a home, but you're probably curious as to why these are a better option than other types of material. Granite, a type of igneous rock, comes in many beautiful colors. It's a hard type of rock that, once cut into slabs and polished, makes an ideal counter surface. There are several advantages to this … [Read more...]

Adding In Some Granite Counters? Tips for the Remodeling Process

surviving a kitchen remodel

If you're planning a complete kitchen remodel you'll need to organize your lifestyle for the time you'll be without a fully functioning kitchen. Kitchen remodels can take a long time depending on the work, so planning your meals and routine will be necessary. Transitional Patio by Sausalito Architects & Designers Urrutia Design via Houzz The family … [Read more...]