Design Your Own Kitchen with the Silestone Visualizer Tool

Silestone is a natural quartz-based material that comes in a range of colors and patterns designed to look like natural stone but with the added benefits of extraordinary resilience and bacteriostatic protection. With both its natural qualities and those that come from being an advanced technology surface, Silestone is a true investment that lasts a lifetime.

Homeowners and designers who decide to make a Silestone investment can use the “Design Your Space” tool on the Silestone website. This resource allows consumers to visualize spaces to be able to choose from the more than 50 color selections of Silestone surfaces. Take a look at the example below from the Silestone website. You are able to choose from three blank slates; as you can see here, we chose a modern kitchen. Then we added Silestone surfaces to the walls, floor, counters, backsplash and cabinetry.




Head over to v to start designing your own space. Homeowners and designers in Colorado looking for Silestone products can call on Planet Granite in Colorado Springs. Contact us at 888.731.9105 to learn about our current Silestone selection.

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