Black and White Countertops for Your Kitchen

black and white kitchen

Simple black and white color schemes are back in style all over the house, but especially in the kitchen. So what can you do to participate in this bold kitchen design trend?

  • Clean. If you’re a fan of clean, solid design, then you should consider getting some solid granite countertops in black, or a black stone tile floor for your kitchen. You can use white tile to accent the black, and keep it from taking over the room’s atmosphere.
  • Natural. If a solid black countertop seems a bit “sterile” to you, then white stone with either black speckles or marbling is a surefire way to add some of the beauty of natural stone to your kitchen.
  • Simple. The simplest way, by far, to incorporate the white and black color scheme into your kitchen decor is to paint everything white, and use black stone tiles for the trim, back splash, and other detail areas. It’s an easy way to get a taste of the bold evocative design.

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