How to Keep Granite Countertops Shiny & Sealed

It often seems like we take better care of things when they are new. But as soon as they lose their sparkle, we tend to let go a bit on daily care and maintenance. It’s as if we only put up a fight against wear and tear for so long until we simply surrender to what we think is inevitable.

But we encourage our homeowners and readers that you can win this battle when it comes to your granite countertops. You can keep your stone surfaces looking shiny and new for years to come by following these 3 important steps:

  1. Wipe up spills immediately.
  2. Don’t use regular household cleaners.
  3. Reseal when necessary.
To know whether it’s time to reseal your granite countertops, just test them! Splash some water on the countertops, if the water beads up, your seal is still going strong. If it does not bead up, it’s time to get your invisaBLOCK cleaning and sealing products from Planet and Granite. Contact us at 719.522.0748 or come by the showroom at 3020 N. Stone Ave. in Colorado Springs.
Source: Elle Decor


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