White Granite Kitchen Countertops: An Alternative To Marble

White granite offers a beautiful alternative to marble for kitchen countertops.

Natural stone like granite is a mainstay in the kitchen and pretty much all over people’s homes. However, one color that hasn’t always been as popular among stone lovers is white, and many people have chosen white marble instead of granite. That doesn’t mean white granite isn’t a good alternative, and many people actually prefer the beauty of granite … [Read more...]

Consider Granite Kitchen Countertops For Lasting Longevity

Not only are granite countertops beautiful, but they are considerably durable and easy to clean.

Granite is one of the most beautiful materials you can put in any home, and chances are you’ve marveled at it in somebody else’s already. However, if you’re building a kitchen or upgrading yours, you may be able to take advantage of granite in your house. Not only is it beautiful, it’s also durable, which is a selling point for many people. Use this … [Read more...]

Enjoy A Sophistocated Kitchen Look With Dark Granite Countertops

Dark granite can give a similar look to marble, while offering some more pro's for your kitchen than marble might.

Granite is one of those materials that most people think of when it comes to countertops in the kitchen and the bathroom. However, not everybody thinks about dark granite countertops, and many people think only marble can give them that beauty. While there’s nothing wrong with marble, dark granite can give you a very similar look, and the differences may … [Read more...]