Why to Pick Granite Counters Over Quartz

granite counter tops

Stone counters are one of the hottest trends in kitchen design and for good reason.  Stone counter tops are durable and beautiful.  They are resistant to heat and most of the abuse you can throw at them.  But when considering stone counter tops, you have options.  Should you get granite counters or should they be quartz?  Here are some of the benefits … [Read more...]

The Top Benefits of Getting Granite Countertops

Granite Counters

So, you are considering granite counters, but you still aren’t sure if granite is the right choice for your kitchen.  Granite has become a very popular option in remodels and new home construction.  If you are thinking about it, here are a few things that might persuade you. Traditional Kitchen by Victoria Architects & Building Designers jodi … [Read more...]

Why Granite Counters Give Your Kitchen Amazing Longevity

leathered granite

The Great Pyramid of Giza has survived the ravages of time and weather because it was constructed using blocks of granite. Technically, granite’s strength is due to its poor permeability, making it a tough material that repels both water and wind erosion. Traditional Kitchen by Bellevue Kitchen & Bath Designers Todd Brickman designs via Houzz You … [Read more...]